Housing Policies

Guests + Visitors


Please be aware that the policies listed below may or may not be altered by MICA's response to various ongoing community issues (such as COVID-19).

Please refer to Operational Mode Information found in the MICA website. 


Entrance and Guest Policies

All students (including residents), faculty and staff may enter the residential facilities after showing their current MICARD to the desk assistant at the front entrance. All guests who are not current full-time students, staff or faculty at MICA must use the front entrance and must be escorted by a student resident the entire time they remain in the residential areas. Guests will also be asked to leave picture identification and to sign in and out at the 24-hour desk. Guests found in the common areas without student hosts will be asked to leave immediately.

If residents arrive with guests, they are expected to use the front entrance only and to have their guests sign in. Students who either prop doors or admit students through other means than the front desk place the entire community at risk and will face severe disciplinary action.

Guest Policy

Each student resident may have up to two guests visiting at a time if they have the approval of their apartment-mates. Students should remember that they are responsible for the actions of their guests and must escort them any time they are in the common areas of the residence halls.

All guests are subject to the same rules as residents. Guests may not bring alcohol or illegal substances into the residence halls. With the consent of their apartment-mates, residents may have overnight guests for three consecutive nights, and the same guest is limited to nine total days of overnight visitation in a semester. Overnight guests are a privilege and a courtesy extended by your fellow apartment-mates. Guests may not move into an apartment. Residents are responsible for the actions of their visitors. Disciplinary action may be taken with residents for the behavior of their visitors.

Student residents need to be considerate of their apartment mates when having guests over and should show appropriate respect for their apartment-mates' needs for privacy and space. If, after talking with their apartment-mates, residents are unable to resolve problems regarding guests, they should talk with Residence Life staff. Gatherings are permitted in individual apartments and must abide by College policies regarding noise, alcohol and drugs. They must be confined to an apartment, and fire regulations prohibit no more than ten people in an apartment at a time.