Housing Search Tips

Renter's Insurance

When you move away to college, you establish a home away from home. Just like in any home, as a college student, your personal property could be damaged by fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, or flooding. A tenant’s personal possessions are not protected from theft, fire, or water damages under the owner’s insurance. You may, however, be covered under your parents' homeowner’s policy even though you are living off the premises. You should check to determine if any limits are imposed by the policy if you are covered. Anyone who rents and is not covered by his or her parents' policy should obtain renter’s insurance. Most renters' insurance policies are similar to the kind of policy you would have if you owned your own home. The major difference is that because you do not own the building itself, the renter’s policy does not cover damage to the structure itself.

MICA does not endorse any particular insurance carrier, but we strongly recommend that you investigate renters' insurance whether you have chosen on or off campus housing. Most national insurance carriers also provide renters' insurance. Please contact our office if you have questions about renters' insurance.