Signing Up for Housing

New Student Housing Sign Up Frequently Asked Questions

For incoming graduate, transfer, exchange, and first year students. Next Update after April 24, 2023

Do I need to download, sign and return the housing agreement?

No, On the Housing Contract page of the housing application, you signed the housing agreement when you entered your Student ID number after the policy acknowledgements. If you would like a copy of the Housing Agreement, a blank version is found online or can be emailed to you.

I am an incoming first year student, can I live with a sophomore student?

No, first year students are not permitted to live with upperclass students.

I am trying to join a particular roommate group, but I am not able to join. What should I do?

Make sure that you are not already in a group that you created. You will first have to ‘Delete Group’ in order to join another roommate group.

I am looking for someone in particular, but have been unable to find them with Search by Details. What should I do?

The most accurate way to search for another returning student is with their student ID number. If you are not sure of their preferred, first, or last name spelling, leave it out of your search. You may also provide that group leader with your information and they can add you to the group.

Do I have to have a roommate group?

No, a roommate group is not required. If you do not have a roommate group preference, you will be matched based on your portal profile and room preference. Please ensure that your profile has answered questions (and honestly) as we use those responses to pair students as best as possible.

What is a double room? 

Double means two people share one bedroom in an apartment with a shared bathroom, kitchen, and common area.

What is a single room?

Single means one person occupying one bedroom within an apartment with a shared bathroom, kitchen, and common area.

Can I live alone?

No. Since all residence halls on campus are apartment style, there will always be at least two roommates per apartment. We hope this assists with making a network of support during your transition to MICA.