Please review the housing updates as the College's response to Covid-19 has changed.

Below is relevant housing communication dated August 4, 2020.

Residence halls will be closed for the Fall 2020 semester, with limited exceptions. All fall semester housing fees will be reversed and refunded as appropriate, including deposits paid by first year students. 

For those students with a significant housing hardship, the College will consider your circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Any personal information shared with the College to explain the hardship will be kept as private as possible. Our ability to accommodate such requests is extremely limited, and anyone permitted to stay can expect limited campus services being available. 

Please complete this form by August 7, 2020 if you are experiencing a hardship that you think qualifies you for MICA housing. Please email if you have any questions.

Students with belongings from the Spring 2020 semester that are still on campus will be provided with additional information shortly. Please watch for communication from

This communication is part of a larger campus wide memo that can be found here.


Below is relevant housing communication dated July 29, 2020.

Dear Students,

As your academic schedules are being finalized, the Residence Life team is actively working on your residential assignments and move-in information. Updated assignments and move in time slot information will be delivered by Tuesday, August 4th, 2020. If your plans do not include living on campus, please disregard the following information. 

Students will be able to reserve a move in time slot in the designated windows for each class outlined below: 

All returning students will move in between August 17-August 20. 

All new students will move in between August 21-August 24.

Students who are unable to move in during their designated window will be able to reserve a time slot from August 25-August 27. These flex time slots should only be used if absolutely necessary due to travel restrictions. 

Per CDC guidelines, all students traveling from international origins must quarantine for 14 days prior to attending in person classes. Please submit a Quarantine Application by August 7th

Once assignments are completed, housing bills will be adjusted to accurately reflect the housing costs for the year in light of a December 1 move out. The single charge for the Fall semester is $5,434.00 a prorated reduction of $464 from the original charge. More information about housing costs can be found here

Additional housing specific expectations and best practices will also be disseminated prior to move in to help you with planning. 

We greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility as we get ready for the fall semester.

Best regards,

The Office of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing



Below is relevant housing communication dated July 17, 2020.

Dear Student,

In May we were granted permission from the state of MD to allow for students to return to retrieve belongings. We truly thank everyone who participated in that process and collected their items. Now that a direction for opening MICA has been communicated, we will move into the next phase of this process. 

Students who were unable to participate and retrieve belongings in May had their items packed up and placed in storage on campus. As a reminder from a previous communication: Belongings will be packed in three different sized boxes (small, medium, and large). Items that are unable to fit within a box will be stored with the boxes for each resident or apartment. All boxes will be labeled with the student’s identification information. All common area items will be packed separately but stored with apartment A's boxes. Please work with your former roommates to coordinate the best way to retrieve common area belongings. 

There are 3 options available for the next phase of the process. You will be asked to complete a survey (link below) to help identify your situation. The options are:  

  1. I am returning to on-campus housing for the Fall 2020 semester. Please move my items directly into my campus assignment.

  2. I will not live on campus for the Fall 2020 semester but plan to return to MICA’s campus before April 1, 2021, to collect my belongings. Please store my belongings in the meantime.

  3. I would like to arrange for an individual or company to collect my belongings for me from MICA.

For students who choose option 3, the external individual of your choosing will need to make an appointment with MICA to retrieve your belongings. More information with specific pick up times and details will be sent separately. 

For students who choose option 3 with the intention to ship your belongings:

Please keep in mind that logistics for shipping items can be complicated. We encourage you to contact a vendor to discuss in detail the best method to ship your items. We recommend partnering with The United Parcel Service (UPS) who has experience working with college students. We have contacted the store nearby MICA’s campus and they are willing to assist you with this process. You can contact them via 410-910-9651 or by email to Below are details that will help you navigate this process when working with a shipping or moving company. 

  • The boxes that items are currently stored in are 200lb test boxes. There are 3 different sized boxes and their dimensions include A) 24x18x12, B) 36x36x36, and C) 20x10x12.

  • Depending on the size/weight of the box, it might need to be repackaged before shipped.

  • Boxes are being stored at 81 Mosher Street, Baltimore MD, 21217

  • On average, students had approximately 10 boxes total but it varies from student to student.

  • Large items that were not able to fit in a box are unpackaged but stored with the student’s boxes (for example, ironing board, furniture, large canvases, etc). You may find it more expensive to ship an item than what the item is worth. Large items unable to be retrieved when an external partner picks up your belongings will be donated to charity. 

  • Consider shipping valuables (artwork, electronics, breakables, etc.) separately to properly insure and pack appropriately. This might entail the external individual unpacking your boxes to locate your items to properly ship. 

Please complete this form. All requests must be submitted by July 24, 2020, at 12 noon.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with this process. It has been a long journey but we are almost finished! If you have any questions, please contact



Residence Life & Facilities Management


Below is relevant housing communication dated June 9, 2020.

Good Afternoon, 

Thank you for your time and patience as we navigate this new moving process. This email is to address folks that have remaining belongings on campus. There will be no additional in-person pick up dates at this time due to limited staffing. All belongings will be packed and labeled by next week 6/19/2020. 

Living on Campus Academic Year 2020-2021

Currently, if you have belongings remaining on campus they are being boxed and labeled inside your past room assignment. If you are assigned a space for the academic year 2020-2021, your belongings will be moved to your new room assignment this August, prior to moving in. 

Moving Off Campus

If you are not returning, your boxes will be labeled and at a later time be stored in 81 Mosher Street 2nd and 4th floors. At a later date an in-person retrieval process will take place when the College is open. Shipping that may need to occur will remain an individual process. 

Common Area Belongings

All belongings in common areas will be boxed and associated with the student that resided in the “A” room of the apartment. Please work with your former roommates to coordinate the best way to retrieve these belongings. 

Studio Spaces

If you have yet to clear out your studio space from the 2019-2020 academic year, coming back to pack these belongings will be addressed at a later time when the College is open in Fall 2020. 

Facilities Management has confirmed and secured a contracted moving company with prior pandemic College Campus packing experience. Please feel welcome to direct all questions moving forward to,, and

Best Regards, 

Facilities Management and the Housing Operations Team


Below is relevant housing communication dated May 22, 2020.

Belongings Update - Students Not Returning to Campus:

Dear Students, 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to finalize best practices for handling student belongings in residence. Looking forward to helping support those coming to campus next week for a safe belonging retrieval process. 

 Additionally, MICA Facilities Management will oversee all aspects for this project and will coordinate packing, moving and the storage of belongings that remain in the residence halls. A moving company that has assisted other local colleges with a similar project will be contracted for this endeavor. 

There is no charge for this packing service or for storing items within the residence halls. 

Belongings will be packed in three different sized boxes (small, medium and large). Items that are unable to fit within a box will be stored with the boxes for each resident or apartment. All boxes will be labeled with the student’s identification information. All common area items will be packed separately but stored with apartment A's boxes. 

Boxes and furniture will be placed outside the resident’s apartment in the hallways with the exception of Carter, Spear and Glace Halls which are exposed to the outside elements.  Belongings for these specific residence halls will be stored in another location on campus yet to be finalized at this time.

All belongings will be accessible when MICA reopens in the Fall. More information will be provided to help navigate the next steps of this process once decisions for the fall are finalized. 

Please let us know if there are any additional questions. 

Best Regards, 

Facilities Management and the Office of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing


Below is relevant housing communication dated May 13, 2020.

Student Belonging Retrieval Process:

Dear Students,

The college has carefully organized a process to handle student belongings that remain in the residence halls. Arrangements for students to return to campus and pick up belongings is outlined below. For students who are unable to visit campus, the college will hire professional movers to pack up student belongings and store them on campus until students return. Once a direction for opening in the fall is available, a detailed process outlining next steps will be shared. We understand that the options are limited and may not meet each student’s needs. We appreciate your patience as the situation continues to develop. 

The governor of Maryland has recently given students permission to return to college campuses to retrieve belongings from residence halls. Before a partial reopen, individual campuses must be prepared to safely welcome students back to campus. MICA has carefully created a process for students who are able to return to residence halls and retrieve their belongings. It is important to note that the college is not fully open. All other services and normal access to campus offices and buildings will not be available. Students who have a MICA studio on campus in a separate building will be assigned a time and given limited access to studio spaces to retrieve belongings.

For social distancing purposes the college will limit the amount of people allowed on campus at a time. The process will also limit the amount of people in a building or on a floor at a time. Students will be assigned a specific 2 hour window of time for the date their building is open. Residential Buildings will be open to students with an assigned time slot from 9am-7pm on specific dates listed below. 

5/26/20 - Leake Hall

5/27/20 - Carter Hall, Spear Hall and Glace Hall

5/28/20 - Gateway and Mt. Royal

5/29/20 - Meyerhoff

Limited staff are available to manage students to return in a safe manner. For this reason, students will only be able to return to their building on the date it is open, specified above. Strict adherence to the assigned time slot is critical. An extension to remain in the building beyond your assigned time slot is not feasible. 

Please complete this form if you are able to safely return on your specified date. All requests to return must be submitted by May 18th at 12 noon.

Note: Students are permitted to send a proxy in their place to retrieve belongings. Please indicate this information on the form when you submit it.

A confirmation with your assigned time slot will be sent by close of business on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with the efforts to keep our community members safe. If you have any questions, please contact


Residence Life & Facilities Management


Below is relevant housing communication dated May 13, 2020.

Mail and Package Updates:

Good Afternoon, 

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to develop best practices to support as many students as possible. The goal of this email is to outline the process in regard to any student mail/packages currently on campus.

With this in mind, please review the following options listed below. Please choose the option that would best suit your situation.

If you would like to pay to have a package redirected to an address of your choice, please follow the steps outlined below.  All requests for this service must be submitted by Friday, May 29th, 2020.

Please note that this only applies to packages you have received an email notification for from early March 2020.

  • To ship: Please contact Postal and Print ( directly to request your package to be sent to a specific address at your expense. 
    • Please include the following details;
      • Your first/last name
      • The package tracking number
      • Student ID
      • New forwarding address
      • Preferred payment method - You may either email or call at 410-225-2202 during business hours to provide payment information.( Monday-Friday, 9 AM-3 PM).

If you are still in town and would like to pick up your packages, Postal & Print is open to MICA faculty, staff and students only on Wednesdays 9 AM-3 PM. Please contact Postal and Print prior to arrival to ensure your package is ready for pick up. If you cannot make it on a Wednesday, please contact us to arrange an individual pick-up at our rear door the other weekdays, 9 AM-3 PM. All packages not picked up or shipped after Friday, May 29th, will be returned to sender.

We hope you understand that we are unable to process and forward the sheer volume of letter mail in our possession. Rather than have it sit until personnel are able to return to campus to sort through it, Postal & Print plans to return to sender all first class mail. We will make an effort to keep a look-out for checks and other important documents while sorting; we will notify you if you have something that looks like a check, credit card, greeting card that may contain cash or a postcard that cannot be returned. You can then follow the steps above to either ship or pick up these mail pieces. 

We will be returning to sender all election notices due to the sheer volume and time that has past since the pieces were sent.. Please be sure to register to vote for the primary election in your home or off-campus district by the deadline to make your district’s election or absentee ballot. The deadline to register and vote absentee in Maryland is May 26th for the June 2nd Presidential Primary.

Please note that all remaining mail and packages that have not been forwarded will be returned to sender after Friday, May 29th, 2020. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Postal and Print & Residence Life


Below is relevant housing communication dated April 29, 2020.

Dear Students,

We know that many of you have been anxious for more information about the housing sign-up process for the Fall 2020 semester. We thank you for your patience. Not only is this an important part of your upcoming MICA experience to resolve, but it is also a key part of the return to a sense of normalcy. We understand, and are eager to bring your spirit, energy, and creativity back to campus!

None of us know exactly what the coming months will bring, and like you, we are absorbing every bit of information possible. Following the State of Maryland's Roadmap to Recovery, current public health guidance, and MICA’s own clinical expertise we are making changes to normal residential operations for the coming year. The following measures will increase the safety of our residential communities and follow physical distancing recommendations:

All bedrooms within an apartment will be single (1-person) occupancy, regardless of whether or not that bedroom space is designed for multiple people. In other words, traditional double bedrooms will be used as singles. This will ensure that every resident has their own, self-contained bed space.

As an example, Leake Hall 218 is traditionally a four person apartment (single, single, double). During the coming year the apartment will only house three individuals as the double will be used as a single.


A new criteria related to COVID-19 has been added to the First Year and Sophomore residential requirement exemption request process. Any incoming First Year student or rising Sophomore student who feels they have a unique need to live off-campus due to COVID-19 is welcomed to submit an exemption request. The Office of Residence Life will review those requests and work with students accordingly.

It is possible that this information may require groups who were planning to live together in the Fall semester to reconfigure. In order to allow time for you to adjust, the returning student housing sign-up process will be rescheduled to late May, specifically:

  • Rising Seniors: Thursday, May 21st
  • Rising Juniors: Monday, May 25th
  • Rising Sophomores: Tuesday, May 26th

Students who have applied for on-campus housing will receive further information from the Office of Residence Life as we near those dates.

Finally, we understand that some students who were planning to live off-campus this fall may now be interested in living on-campus due to the difficulty of finding off-campus housing from afar. As a reminder, the housing application remains live, and returning students are encouraged to submit an application as needed at any time. We will do everything we can to work with you based on our capacity. The housing sign up process will continue all summer long as spaces become available.   

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residence Life with questions at


Below is relevant housing communication dated March 15, 2020.

Dear Residents,

This is an unprecedented time.
Following-up on the memo from the President’s Office earlier this evening, cancelling the previously announced intense making period and announcing the closure of the residence halls, we write to provide details. Our priority at this time will be exclusively on the orderly closure of the residential facilities.
To be clear, all residents must immediately begin preparations to vacate.

All residents, graduate and undergraduate, must vacate the residence halls by 4:00 pm on Saturday, March 21st. Residents should plan to take all personal belongings. Please see information below regarding student belongings previously left in the residence halls.

In light of the new developments regarding COVID-19, all previously approved extensions have been rescinded.  

International students who were previously granted an extension or who were planning to request an extension should contact the Office of International Education immediately via email [] to initiate a discussion about next steps and viable options. International Education staff will be working closely with Residence Life to advise students. After talking with International Education staff, if you need to submit a request to stay or if you have an extraordinary hardship, please follow instructions outlined below.

The College will allow for consideration of extraordinary hardships if students feel they cannot vacate by March 21st. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. The College’s ability to accommodate such requests is extremely limited and students should exhaust all other possibilities before making a request. Anyone permitted to stay can expect limited to no campus services being available. Students who wish to request such consideration should complete the extension request form. All requests must be submitted by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, March 18th.

Once the move-out process has been completed, The Office of Residence Life will communicate with those students & families who previously left belongings. It is likely that communication will not take place until late March or early April. We understand that this will be complicated to plan and will provide as much flexibility as is possible. Families should anticipate retrieving their personal items no later than May 10th, 2020.

The College intends to provide a partial refund of residential charges, although the exact amount has not yet been identified. While we know this is of particular interest to many, please understand that the immediate priority remains the orderly move-out of current residents. We will be in touch with further information, likely prior to the end of March.

We know this is a rapidly changing time, and we appreciate your efforts. Questions should be directed to Please be patient, as you can imagine we are experiencing a high volume of contact at this time. We will return your correspondence as quickly as possible.


Below is relevant housing communication dated March 13, 2020. 

Students who are away on Spring Break are strongly encouraged to return home or remain home if they are there already. All students will be asked to move out of the residence halls by Saturday, March 21st.

 This decision is based on the best public health and safety information available. The possible spread of COVID-19 presents specific challenges for residential settings based on the density of the population in relatively close quarters. MICA also has to acknowledge our own reality with respect to the College’s limited capacity to manage quarantine conditions for those who are, or may be, ill. This situation is highly fluid, and Residence Life will continue to adapt as the College policies and governmental directives change.

  • Regarding the check-out process:

    • Please go to your residential community’s Campus Safety desk to receive an express check out envelope. Please turn in all room keys, mail keys, and studio keys.  

    • You are ready to check out when your belongings are packed up, and you no longer need to access your apartment. 

    • At that time, please stop by the front desk and ask for an express check out envelope. The express checkout process is quick, simple, and available at any time.

    • Fill out the information on the envelope, place your room and mail keys inside, sign and seal the envelope. Each student must return an apartment key/mail key envelope to the red bins at the front desks.

    • If your key is not returned, you will be charged a replacement fee up to $250.00. Please keep your MICARD.

      • Please do not mail any keys to the Residence Life Office. If you fail to return your keys you will be charged.  

    • All residents will be required to return their apartment and mail keys, regardless of whether or not they remove all of their belongings.

    • A check out list with detailed instructions was provided to every student's apartment door. 

    • Look for dumpsters in your area and discard as much trash as possible before leaving. 

None of us expected the semester to play out in this manner. We thank you for your understanding, consideration, and commitment to the health of our community. We anticipate that you may still have questions related to on-campus housing for this semester and encourage you to contact us at


Office of Residence Life & Off-Campus Housing