Student Counseling Services

Scheduling an Appointment

We are happy to get you scheduled to meet with a therapist as soon as possible. To get started, please send an email to containing the information below. (Please DO NOT include the reason why you want to visit us, or any other private correspondence in this email.)

Please note: For summer 2023, the Student Counseling Center is requesting that students wear masks for in-person sessions. If a student prefers not to mask, a virtual session can be scheduled.

SCC Summer Services Policy and Schedule May 22-August 18, 2023: 

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) clinical services will be available for enrolled students in MICA’s Summer 2023 courses. SCC services and operations offered over the summer will be abbreviated, in which ‘Drop-In Hours’ will not be held. SCC administrative services will be available throughout the  duration of the summer for the MICA community during posted office hours. We welcome you to contact SCC at or 410-225-2367.

(Copy and paste the list below into your email and provide an answer to each)

Full Name:
Preferred Name:
Student ID:
Preferred Pronouns:
Phone Number:
Is it OK for us to text reminders to this number? (Y or N)
Date of Birth:
MICA Email:
Is it OK for us to email reminders to this email address? (Y or N)
Campus or Local Address (with room no. for a dorm or apt. no. for off-campus, if in bldg):
Local/On-Campus Emergency Contact (Name and Number):
Days and Times Available (for all 5 days Mon.-Fri.):

Type of Appointment Requested: 

*SINGLE SEASON APPOINTMENT-a one-time solution-focused appointment; 

*INITIAL INTAKE APPOINTMENT-new to SCC and the first scheduled appointment in pursuit of receiving short-term therapy from the Center;

*INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING APPOINTMENT-ongoing short-term therapy appointments in which you already initiated and attended the first appointment of this current semester; or 

*CASE MANAGEMENT APPOINTMENT-specifically want to receive referral services to a mental health provider in the community.

Remember, only the student who will be requesting counseling services should take the first-step of scheduling an appointment.