Architectural Design (Major)

Architectural Design Alumni Successes

Recent Grad Brandon Brooks

Brandon Brooks

Recent grad Brandon Brooks ’18, for example, pursued diverse interests while at MICA – including participating in the College's Annual Benefit Fashion Show. As he explained, “Architecture is more that drawing and fabricating. It’s about designing for people and interacting with people. The fashion show and the effort that goes into putting it together is a way of connecting with people. But fashion is also connected to architecture in how we build. In both, you express an idea in 2D and then build it in a three-dimensional form.” Brandon's hard work paid off when he landed a competitive, year-long paid internship at the Danish Institute of Scandinavia (DIS) shortly before his graduation in 2018.

Events at AD

AD Senior Show

At AD’s senior show, space is not only represented but is also constructed by the exhibiting seniors. Their spatial concepts can be experienced in real time by the viewers. The planning and fabricating skills that students have learnt inform their creativity and invention in spectacular installations that professional Architects and Designers of the area come to visit - often offering jobs to students there and then.