Fiber (Major)

Kristine Woods

My work forms from effect and intellect, inextricably. Current work focuses on abstract sculptures (hand-felted wool and papier-mache) drawing, reading, weaving, and writing.

The sculptures are rudimentary; their form relies on wool’s properties; agitation makes felt; entanglement is its vernacular. Small serial weavings are an important part of my work: accumulated lines that I push around and beat. These small-scale cloths occupy a position between object and drawing.

It is my abiding belief that abstract objects can teach about the political interpretation of non- representation. Forms that have never been seen appear in the studio. Lines combine in drawings and weavings strangely as if from an experience or consciousness. The sculptures, weavings, and drawings are evidence and explanation: they must be built in order to be considered.

Teaching is coextensive with my studio work. As a professor, I teach craft intensive studio classes as well as seminars in critical thinking, reading, and discussion. These pedagogic moves are familiar to my own working methods where text and language are material alongside wool, hard things, marks, and adhesives.

My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally most recently in Regarding & Regardless, a solo show at Virginia Commonwealth University in spring 2018. Residencies include Textilsetur Islands and Haystack Mountain School of Craft. My work has been supported by various granting sources including Creative Capital Foundation and MICA Faculty Research Grants. I received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY and I am a full professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art as well as having mentored students in the Vermont College and School of the Art Institute of Chicago Low Residency MFA programs.