Your MICA Google Account

Google has recently announced significant changes to the services they provide to colleges and universities. As you probably know, MICA uses Google’s platform — consisting of apps and services like GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets etc — as one of its primary digital work and collaboration platforms.  

Previously, Google provided institutions with unlimited pooled storage across the College for these services — imposing no limit on the amount of files / storage MICA could use. This will soon change as Google is ending unlimited storage for institutions. Because of that announcement, MICA has been forced to deactivate all alumni google accounts (including all google platforms associated, like gmail, google drive, google photos, etc.) and set strict storage limits for current students, faculty, and staff.  Please view this Google Workspace Transition page for more information.

All alumni should review the information and important next steps below.

For any questions, please email

Next Steps

Update Your Info

Update your contact information with your non-MICA email address in order to maintain regular communication and stay in touch with your alma matter.

Update your contact info

Career Development Platforms

MICA's Career Development Office are a resource to alumni for life! You may have signed up for some of the career development resources with your MICA account. Make sure to update that email address for those platforms!

More information

Automated Response Email

Optional - create an automated response email to inform your contacts of your new email address. For new graduates, you will have about 30 days after graduation to inform your contacts of your new address.

How to set up an automated email

Alumni Email Forwarding Service

This service provides alumni with a MICA-related address which will forward to a personal email account.

More info and sign up here


This transition is not easy, so please be sure to read these frequently asked questions to get a better understanding of how this change impacts you and next steps to take.

Read FAQ's Here