Sophomore Interdisciplinary Sculpture Major


Reuben Francois is a multidisciplinary artist from Louisiana. His work crosses many different mediums, while trying to represent his current and ever evolving identity as an artist.

Wetlands is Reuben Francois’ first endeavor into using clothing as a creative release. The collection of garments recontextualize images and cultures from Southern Louisiana; the birthplace of Reuben Francois. As he grew up, he had the tendency to seek distraction and relief from the harsh realities of Southern America. Wetlands is Reuben’s confrontation of the cultures he grew up viewing. Through storytelling silhouettes, displays of southern life, and social commentary, Wetlands aims to utilize appropriation without oppression and in turn promote liberation. In order to push the boundaries and keep remnants of his home, each look was made to toe the line between future and nostalgia. In addition, each garment was constructed to show the good and the bad of his home, and how there can be beauty made through both.