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ArtWalk Guide: Fiber

You can find the thesis work of 2022 graduates in Fiber in Brown Center, Fox Building, The Gateway, Main Building, and Mount Royal Station.

Student Thesis Location Guide

  • Jasmin Ali (The Gateway: BBOX)
  • Theresa-Xuan Bui (Mount Royal Station: 120)
  • Annika Cheng (Mount Royal Station: 110)
  • Elizabeth Cosgrove (Fox Building: Decker/Meyerhoff Gallery)
  • Raena Drotleff (Mount Royal Station: 104)
  • Cameron Heavener (Mount Royal Station: 301)
  • Dagny Leopold (Brown Center: Leidy Atrium)
  • Yicong Li (Mount Royal Station: 110)
  • Grace Martin(The Gateway: BBOX)
  • Audrey Naiva (Fox Building: Decker/Meyerhoff Gallery)
  • Jennifer Nguyen (Brown Center: Leidy Atrium)
  • Isabel Oliva (Mount Royal Station: 301)
  • Nina Pauciulo (Main Building: Main Court)
  • Sylvia Rasch (Fox Building: Decker/Meyerhoff Gallery)
  • Cristina Rodriguez (Mount Royal Station: 206)
  • Sydney Snyder(Mount Royal Station: 204A)
  • Mihyun Sohn (Mount Royal Station: 205)
  • Lucas Taurins (Fox Building: Decker/Meyerhoff Gallery)
  • Lowell Zelenka (Fox Building: 421)