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Multi Media Event

The Multi Media Event combines fashion, performance, puppetry and sculpture in one event. The live show is designed, co-directed and co-produced by the artists from MICA’s Fiber Department’s Multi Media Event class. 


Experimental Designers - 2021

Morgan Betsill

Morgan Betsill is a senior Fiber major with a minor in Experimental Fashion from Louisville, Kentucky. She has an interdisciplinary approach to material and moves between sewn construction, woodworking, ceramics, and painting. Her great loves are trying new foods, befriending neighborhood pets, and wandering around the great outdoors.

Lusi Cai

Lusi Cai (蔡缕丝) is a senior fiber major with a minor in experimental fashion at Maryland Institute College of Art. She was born in Guangdong, China, and immigrated to the United States at age 14. She has always felt the studies of her Chinese heritage to be incomplete. She maintains a high curiosity about historical Chinese culture, while constantly accepting and excavating western art and design. As a fashion designer, she applies her research to her garments. Her love for history, exquisite details, and patience are reflected in her works.

Alec Ferrer

Alec Ferrer is a senior Fiber major with a minor in Experimental Fashion. His work is inspired by the cultural melting pot of North Miami, Florida. He has fond memories of growing up in South Florida surrounded by gas stations that served as spaces of community for their stockeeping of essentials. This upbringing formed his appreciation for the preservation of different cultures. His childhood obsession of cartoons and collectibles drive his creative design language adding playful elements to his interdisciplinary work. He uses storytelling to create an overall narrative, tying his work to a larger story.

Hannah Moog

Hannah Moog is a senior general fine arts major with a minor in book arts from Burke, Virginia. She works in the mediums of books, garments and puppetry to create humorous and intimate work that immerses viewers in her imagined world full of mysterious and caring characters. She is influenced by fashion history, folk art, quilting traditions, and hugs.

Emi Sun

Soft Game is a collection of playable garments that explores concepts of personal and shared space. When we were young, we read those interactive game books, and when we grew up, we played video games. When I transform familiar gaming landscape elements from book pages and screens such as houses, windows and roads into real accessories and garments on a participant’s body, playing games becomes a physical challenge. This collection challenges the cognitive boundary of one's own body and its potential relationship with others- players are forced to make physical contact with themselves and others in new ways. Either single-player or multiplayer, regardless of the format, these soft games ask the participant to re-evaluate the concept of distance and space through a playful experience.

From the collection, Deliberate Time / 思华年, by Lusi Cai + Enlarge
From the collection, The People in the Paper Woods, by Hannah Moog + Enlarge
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From the collection, In the Clover, by Morgan Betsill + Enlarge
From the collection, The Watering Hole, by Alec Ferrer + Enlarge
From the collection, Soft Game ,by Emi Sun. + Enlarge
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