Graphic Design (BFA)

Degree Project: Rigged video 2022 Digital
Plantas de Curación is an illustrated book of medicinal plants with bold gradients made of oranges, turquoises, and reds. The book is accompanied by 26 of these illustrations printed on translucent vellum. + Enlarge
Plantas de Curación 2021 Digital .39" x 7" x 10"
Dada: The Magazine for Dads. The cover feature a bold orange hero color with expressive typography. + Enlarge
Dada: The Magazine for Dads 2 2022 Publication 6.5" x 9.25"
¿Quieres un Cafésito? (do you want a coffee) is a 58-page book that was riso printed. I created a variety of colors with just 3 main colors, by combining neon pink, yellow, and blue. The cover has the title and an illustration of myself holding a coffee c + Enlarge
¿Quieres un Cafésito? 2 2022 Riso Print 8.5 x 5.5
A book titled "SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)" with the front cover on the left and a spread from the book on the right + Enlarge
SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) 2020 Digital
The Anthropocene is criticism and sarcasm on hubris in human nature.  Man is born as a part of nature. However, we found a specific and independent way to survive—this method supports human development, evolution, and social development. Human growth and + Enlarge
The Anthropocene 03 2022 3D
What is daily life for you? My idea of everyday life is that this is the closest thing to us, and we need to look at it from an aesthetical perspective. If we don't spare our daily lives, who can cherish them? This project is the second study to deeply ex + Enlarge
The Doors 2022 digital magazine
Student facing a giant glowing desk with a bright yellow computer screen glaring down on him.  + Enlarge
Motivation 2020 Digital Illustration 10"x10"
Tiled poster containing an illustrated alphabet inspired by typography and clowns + Enlarge
Clownphabet 2022 Digital 40 in x 48 in
A book teaching American Sign Language containing black and white photos. + Enlarge
American Sign Language: For Beginners 2022 Book 8in x 10in
My degree project started with the question: How might we use 3D graphics to explore reminiscence* and what it implies about past human relationships and surroundings? *A story told about a past event remembered by the narrator. Reminisce about something + Enlarge
Reminiscence 01 2022 Digital Art
Evening - Design Animation video 2022 Figma / Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effect
A sequence of different colored cards collaged at the top of a group of 5 pointing at one another. + Enlarge
SPLICE: a game design case study 02 2022 Game Design
Three images of a dinner party, includes food, menus, dishes, silverware, and glasses. + Enlarge
LADY FINGERS Dinner Party 2022 Photography, Print
Based on every single story each person makes a different explanation of everything that is existing inside this world. If someone tells you to think of a car image, most of the time the image would be similar.  However, if it's about a thing that has no + Enlarge
EARTH82 02 2022 3D, Motion graphics
A music box opens to reveal a colorful world of holographic mechanical toys. + Enlarge
Memor Alchemy Poster (3) 2022 Digital
Slut Guide Poster + Enlarge
Slut Guide Digital
Mommunity 2022 UX Case Study + Brand Identity
Volition 01 2020 Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma
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