Graphic Design Faculty Q&A: Kristian Bjørnard ’09 (Graphic Design MFA)

Kristian Bjørnard is a designer, educator, and sustainabilitist. An alumni of MICA's Graphic Design MFA program, he is director of The Office of Kristian Bjørnard, a graphic design practice focusing on books, identities, websites and digital tools. 
We recently asked Kristian to describe his experiences as a faculty member in MICA's Graphic Design Department. You can read his answers below, and check out a gallery of his artwork.

You've been a student at MICA and are now faculty. How do those experiences compare?

“MICA is a great place to teach and learn. As a graduate student here, I felt privileged to be in a place devoted to creative thinking and thoughtful discussion about design. As faculty, MICA still feels exciting over a decade later. My students and colleagues are giving, motivated, knowledgeable, and skilled—analysis and constructive argument still reign.”

How would you describe MICA's learning environment?

“MICA has a special atmosphere that fosters creativity and personal transformation. As designers, we're able to explore and study the world while also helping to shape it. Students actively use design for cognitive inquiry and self-expression with an awareness of how politics, economics, and social systems relate to their work.”

“Teaching at MICA, where these varied aesthetic and conceptual investigations are ongoing, from faculty and students, is an incredibly rewarding experience. I am inspired by my students and my colleagues; I feel lucky to be part of a creative, supportive community.”

What do you love about teaching at MICA?

“What do I love about teaching here? It's the students, the other faculty, the amazing visitors we draw, and the synergies and creative possibilities that come out of all of us trying new things together.”

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