Hillery Sproatt ’07

Even before she entered MICA, Hillery Sproatt as an entrepreneur, launching Rebe, a line of woman's clothing and handbags with her mother, textile artist Debra Weiss. Today, Sproatt combines printmaking with 3-D fabric and embroidery, working again with her mother to found Specks & Keepings, a shop filled with fine handmade objects and design.

Hillery Rebeka Sproatt (Printmaking B.F.A.), who graduated from MICA in 2007, transferred from Santa Monica Community College after visiting many other art schools. She chose MICA because she appreciated the interdisciplinary nature at MICA and that the colleges' curriculum allowed her to take classes in areas outside of the printmaking major, so she was able to pursue her interests in fibers at the same time.

Sproatt takes a different spin on printmaking by creating line drawings that evoke a modern-day folk art feel. Then she takes the imagery she creates on paper and brings them to life through 3-D fabric and embroidery creations. At the age of 15, she and her mother, textile artist Debra Weiss, launched Rebe, a line of women's clothing and handbags. Since graduating from MICA, she continues to work closely with her mother to run their store: Specks & Keepings, a shop filled with fine handmade objects and design. "My mom is a large part of my inspiration, both her work and her practice," said Sproatt, "I think she has struck a beautiful balance between raising a family, keeping a fine art practice, and running a business."

"After graduation, I began a practice of balancing art and work. At times when I found this particularly difficult, I began to ask myself what I would make if no one were looking. For me, this remains a large part of my process. I am confident my education at MICA played a large part in where I am with my work and business today. It gave me tools to make and speak about my work, as well as the confidence to pursue a creative career."