Le Boi— 2021 UP/Start Finalist

Yuze Le ’21 (Design Leadership MBA/MA) is founder of Le Boi, a finalist in the 2021 UP/Start Venture Competition

Yuze Le ’21 (Design Leadership MBA/MA)

Yuze Le ’21 (Design Leadership MBA/MA) knows there are other skincare lines out there. He even knows there are gender-neutral skincare lines.

But Le Boi is different. This product line, which Le describes as a true gender-neutral skincare and lifestyle brand, aims to create natural clean skincare products and fashion accessories for “he, she, and they” to nurture their physical form and unlock unlimited possibilities.

Le Boi, more importantly, focuses on the age group of youth who are navigating to find their true selves. Traditional skincare giants have drawn a clear line between men's and women's skincare and beauty products, but Le Boi believes that beauty is genderless.

These products, he said, help create a safe space for discovery. Unlike other products, Le said, Le Boi isn’t afraid to have an edge.

“The idea of Le Boi really came when I was taking this prototyping class within MICA the first year of my program. I’ve always wanted to create my own line of skincare, but that class really pushed me to craft my idea and polish it,”  he said.

The current products in Le’s venture in the UP/Start Venture Competition include the Le Boi skin trio, which includes The One Minute Wash—a face wash that is gentle but deep cleans, Babe Me Aloe—a hydrating gel/serum, and Finish Me Oil—a product made from natural plant oils that helps keep in moisture. 

“The core concept behind Le Boi’s product is that sense of creativity,” Le said. 

And while these first three products are meant as a three-part routine, they’re also versatile, he said. Use the aloe gel in a larger amount? It becomes a mask. Add oil into your bath? It creates a spa-like experience.

Le’s plans don’t just involve skincare. Now, he’s also working on what he calls a new “hero product,” a plan that funding from the UP/Start competition can help.

It’s a perfume in the shape of a necklace pendant with two scents, which allows a person to wear one, the other, or a combination of the two to create something entirely new. It’s portable, Le said, and a piece that becomes part of the look.

“It’s something that you wear with you,” he said. “I can wear my beauty—I can wear my personality with me wherever I go.”