MICA Names First 5 Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at Open Works Makerspace

MICA is pleased to announce its five new Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at Open Works through its recent partnership with the Baltimore Arts Realty Corporation. The six-month residency includes studio space and access to the makerspace's facilities, workshops and certification classes.

2017 Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

Byron Banghart '14 (Social Design)
Byron Banghart will design and build a flat pack hanging shelter using metal fabrication, industrial sewn canvas and CNC cut parts. The final product will be sold as a kit or as an instructional package.

Gage Branda '16 and Sebastian Ruiz '18 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture)
Gage Branda and Sebastian Ruiz will design a growing compartment and climate control module to produce mycelium, a mushroom root system. Mycelium is a sustainable material that can replace harmful construction and industrial materials.

Trisha Cheeney '17 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture)
Trisha Cheeney will launch Pälemer, a clothing and apparel company making products from used plastic shopping bags. Trisha will produce windbreaker jackets, insulated ski jackets and book bags, and plans to expand into a wide array of products.

Dylan Guest '16 (Interdisciplinary Sculpture)
Dylan Guest will develop a line of customized game tables. As part of his senior thesis, Dylan designed and fabricated a custom pool table. During his time at OpenWorks, he will further develop the functional aspects of the design and will expand the product line.

Izzi Stein '17 (General Fine Arts)
Izzi Stein will develop her business, PopOpShop, which features handmade jewelry, home goods and textiles. Her brightly patterned pieces are produced using laser cutting, sewing, screen printing and woodworking.