Pathways at MICA and Beyond: Antonius Bui ’16 (General Fine Arts BFA)

“Transferring to MICA as a pre-med student from a public university, I honestly had a lot of insecurities concerning my artistic ability and self-worth. Luckily, all of these doubts were immediately dispelled my first week there. Every staff, faculty, and community member embraced me with open arms, oftentimes seeing my potential before I even could. They challenged me to define success, beauty, and art on my own terms, reminding me that art isn’t a destination or competition.”


“MICA’s flexibility and vast amount of programming has ultimately shaped me into the poly-disciplinary artist I am today.”

“It’s a place where I felt seen as a working, emerging artist, not just a student. A school that prioritized not only my studio practice, but also my interiority, wellbeing, and dreams.”


“Participating in the Annual Benefit Fashion Show, Community Arts and Service, and Office of Culture and Identity are just a few of the many opportunities MICA facilitated in addition to its rigorous curriculum. And as a GFA major, I was literally everywhere, taking classes in fiber, printmaking, art education, and graphic Design. It has been 6 years since I graduated with my BFA, and I am still having a-ha moments when I understand how a course has influenced my thinking.”


“Honestly, I get quite emotional thinking about how transformative my four years at MICA were. Hyeseung Song, Tru Ludwig, Rex Stevens, Valeska Maria Populoh, Mahnoor Ahmed, Adenike Adelekan, Alexandra Harmel, and Rahn Marion are just a handful of the many peers and professors who have shaped me into the artist I am today. I even met Brandon Brooks, the love of my life, almost eight years ago at MICA! Being invited back on multiple occasions as a visiting critic and guest lecturer is a small testament to the relationships built here.”

Gallery: Antonius Bui