Website Support

BigTree CMS Training

Before being given access to create and maintain content on, you must successfully complete BigTree CMS training.

These training sessions are tailored to help users of all levels from technology novices to people with computer science degrees. Training is essential to ensure that content on, which represents One MICA to the world, is well-written, correctly formatted and implemented, and appropriate for the platform.

BigTree CMS training sessions will help you better understand:

  • what content management looks like at MICA
  • the content structure of MICA's website
  • content management roles at MICA
  • content creation guidelines and best practices
  • how to effectively use the BigTree CMS
  • how and where to get support

To signup for BigTree CMS training, you must be a staff member, faculty member, or, in special cases, a MICA student. All users must have valid, active MICA account credentials.