Apr. 03

Art@Lunch | Beyond Redlining: How Racism Shaped the Midcentury American City

April 3, 2024
12 PM – 1 PM
Bunting Center
1401 W Mount Royal Ave

For April's Art@Lunch, Jennifer Hock, from the History of Art, Design & Visual Culture department, will be joining us. Talk Description: Recent public scholarship has introduced many of us to the numerous ways in which racism shaped the midcentury American city, including the large-scale displacement associated with highway construction and urban renewal and the disinvestment associated with redlining--that is, the systematic, state-sponsored practice of denying mortgage credit to a community because of the presence of people of color. But how did racism shape the houses, neighborhoods, shopping centers, schools, and parks that were built during these years? We'll explore midcentury understandings of the concept of racism and popular strategies for combating it, racialized discourses around architectural design, and the emerging dynamics of racial equity and racial representation that all show up in a single competition for the design of a shopping center in 1960s Boston.