Feb. 19
Feb. 28


February 19, 2024 – February 28, 2024
All Day
Office of Culture and Identity
1210 West Mt Royal Ave

The body is a political subject – the site by which our communities interact with us, the way we’re perceived, and the vector by which our governments govern our ability to move through the world. So often, the body is seen as a site of conflict, struggle, and control. This is especially true for those marginalized by race, sexuality, gender, and ability. This contention puts us all on the backfoot, creates distances between us and our bodies and the communities we exist in. We must embrace the body as the site of both individual and communal liberation. The body is just as much a vessel for care, play, and community. They are, after all, how we move through the world, the thing we nurture, the thing we love within. Our bodies nourish our minds, enable our senses, let us move and dance and eat and love. Through our bodies we find the wonder in humanity, in complexity, in motion and in stillness. The body, more so than being a site of tumult, is a site of pure JOY. BODY EUPHORIA is a show focused on celebrating the wonder of having a body – the beauty of movement, nurturing, desire, and rest. Showcasing the work of BIPOC, Queer, and Disabled artists, we invite everyone to participate in our all-out celebration of the body.