Mar. 06

Fencing Combat Demonstration: Drawing Workshop for Animators, Game Designers & Illustrators

March 6, 2024
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
81 Mosher Building
81 Mosher St
Gold & Green Dueling Fencers poster

Welcome to a combat demonstration with fencing master and MICA instructor Lowell Boston, with former amateur fencer, martial artist, and MICA instructor Benjamin B. Olshin! This workshop will highlight some basic fencing techniques, and look at how fencers use their bodies when engaged in active combat. The psychology of fencing will also be examined, with a discussion of how that affects the posture and moves of the fencer. In addition, the workshop will deal with how fencing relates to actual combat training in both times past and the present. Don't forget to sign up in the link below and mark the date on your calendars. A Big Shout out to Cayden Jenkins for her poster!!! Sign Up Sheet Link: