Mar. 22

Undergraduate Lecture Series: Parsons & Charlesworth (hosted by Product Design & Graphic Design)

March 22, 2024
12 PM – 1 PM
Brown Center
1301 W Mount Royal Ave

Parsons & Charlesworth is an art and design studio that develops tangible worlds as discursive tools for critically appraising urgent issues. Co-founded by Jessica Charlesworth and Tim Parsons, the studio’s investigative, research-driven, speculative approach uses installation, sculpture, designed objects, writing, photography and digital media to explore key social, ecological and technological challenges of our time. Together, they develop new ways of understanding and interacting with alternative futures, addressing concerns such as the ecological crisis and the future of work through their collaborative worldbuilding projects. Their current project, Multispecies Inc., involves field research and in-depth conversations with specialists in biology, climate science, and climate modeling. This endeavor manifests as a series of narratives and objects around a fictional group of ecologists striving to cohabit with other species using advanced technologies. They are recent NEW INC Members on the Creative Science Track as part of the New Museum mentorship incubator program and both teach at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.