Feb. 20
Feb. 27

MICA Biannual : Dis-connect

February 20, 2023 – February 27, 2023
Main Building
1300 W Mount Royal Ave
Designed by Grace Birch, teal poster with abstract shapes and information for the show.

The MICA Biannual is an art show organized, curated, and produced by Timo Kuzme's Forum II class. The show will feature the works of the classes 19 students, as well as the work of other students chosen by members of the class. Each student has produced their own works and curated the work of others in accordance to their own theme. Together, each students section will make up a larger gallery of works centered around unique themes each student is passionate in. Exhibit opening is the 24th at 6-8pm. Visit https://disconnectgallery.wixsite.com/-dis-connect for more information.