Nov. 03
Nov. 19


November 3, 2023 – November 19, 2023
Middendorf Gallery
1400 Cathedral St
Polycrystalline is a showcase of student metalwork curated by Jacqueline Tull and Rachel Martino located in the Middendorf Gallery of the Station Building. The exhibition is on view from November 3rd to November 19th.
Opening reception: Friday, November 10th from 5-7pm. 
Featured Artists: Kate Boyer, Liam Davis, Shan Deng, Nicole Hernandez, Clara Kuehnel, Jung Won Lee, Sarah Leiva, Rosalie Maguire, Cyd Muri, Ian Ong, Jack Paschal, Lily Pedano, Wonchul Ryu, Nicky Tjandra, Celeste Tooth, Kyle Ventura, and Bobbie Waugaman.
Polycrystalline is defined as: of a metal or other solid consisting of many crystalline parts that are randomly oriented with respect to each other. For centuries, humanity has pulled ore and other minerals from the earth to create metal alloys in service of war, religion, art, and function. The varied concepts and techniques used by the artists in this show highlight many of the ways in which metal can be manipulated by - and for - the human body and mind.
*Please also take note of the enchanting display case exhibit near the entrance of Station, curated by Jenelle Legge.