Apr. 07
Apr. 29

Student Space Gallery April Exhibitions

Featured Artists: Natalia Kropf-Estell, Elise DeanWolf, Starling Wolfrum, Kailyn Williams, Hanzhang Mao, and Lydia Ethem.

April 7, 2023 – April 29, 2023
Gateway, Bunting Center, Meyerhoff House, and Lazarus Center

Featured Artists:

Natalia Kropf-Estell @Gateway 1  (Gateway, Floor 1) 

Elise DeanWolf @ Gateway 2  (Gateway, Floor 1) 

Starling Wolfrum @Great White Wall (Gateway, Floor 1)

Kailyn Williams @Pinkard Gallery (Bunting Center, Floor 1)

Hanzhang Mao @Piano Gallery (Meyerhoff House, Floor 1)

Lydia Ethem @Lazarus Hallway (Lazarus Center, Floor 1)

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