Nov. 03
Nov. 17

Student Space Gallery November Exhibitions

November 3, 2023 – November 17, 2023
Bunting, Gateway, Lazarus, Meyerhoff Buildings
November Exhibitions

Between November 3rd and November 17th, we will host an exhibition featuring six artists, each showcasing their unique art pieces in our six galleries. Learn more about our Student Space Gallery Program here.

Maverick Johnson – "Familiar Territory" @ Great White Wall Gallery (Gateway, Floor 1)

Nadia Nazar – "jasmine baby" @ Piano Gallery (Meyerhoff House, Piano room)

Ted Pearlman – "Activity Report: Boongies and Ballerinas" @ Gateway 1 Gallery (Gateway, Floor 1)

Amelie Wang – "where are you at" @ Lazarus Hall Gallery (Lazarus Center, Floor 1)

Seno Wang – "Beaver Hollow" @ Gateway 2 Gallery (Gateway, Floor 1)

Lite Zhang – "Same Roots" at Pinkard Gallery (Bunting Center, Floor 1)

We cordially invite you to attend the reception on November 3rd, which will take place from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM at each of our gallery locations: the Piano GalleryPinkard Gallery, The Great White Wall, Lazarus 1 Gallery, and Gateway Galleries 1 and 2. . We encourage you to join us and appreciate the individual creative expressions of these talented artists.