Graduate Programs

Graduate Alumni Success

MICA's 360-degree approach to graduate education - focused not only on creative skills but also on community engagement, professional development, collaboration and risk taking - produces graduates who are highly regarded leaders in a wide array of fields.

Here are just a few examples of alumni from MICA's graduate programs who are successfully pursuing creative careers - on their own terms.

Independent Careers

Graduate alumni across disciplines are finding success on their own terms.

Arts and Community Leaders

Many of our alumni form careers that have the capacity to impact artists and communities across the U.S.

Professionals in Business and Education

Graduate alumni apply their creative skills across a range of industries - from technology to science to education.

Alternative Paths

At their core, graduate alumni from MICA are often natural entrepreneurs.

Art Educators

Our alumni are teaching in public and private elementary, middle, and secondary schools and at colleges and universities across the U.S. and around the world.

International Alumni

MICA draws students from around the world, and our international alumni are proof that the future of art and design is global.

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