Academic Policies

Withdrawal & Leave of Absence

Students of record, a student with a permanent MICA record of enrollment (a transcript), are eligible to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the College. Any student wishing to withdraw permanently or take a temporary leave of absence must make their request in writing and complete an exit interview in the Office of Enrollment Services, Graduate Studies, or Open Studies (for MPS or MA/MBA programs). Students may take a leave of absence for up to three years under the same degree requirements (two years for MPS or MA/MBA students); students who return to the College after an absence of more than three years will be expected to fulfill the degree requirements of the year in which they are readmitted. Students should consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine the status of scholarships and loans. As part of the leave of absence process, MICA students regain access to MICA buildings and studios at the start of their new enrollment term. MFA students who return from a leave of absence between their first and second year of graduate study, will therefore not be permitted access to studios and academic workspaces during the interim summer session.

Temporary leave of absence from the MFAST and MPS programs is granted only under unusual circumstances and requires the approval of the program director. This policy is based on the unique low-residency program structure. If unusual circumstances have argued for granting a student a temporary leave of absence, the student must be able to resume studies in the MFAST program in the calendar year following the absence. If unusual circumstances have been successfully argued for granting a temporary leave of absence for a student in the MPS programs, the student must resume studies within one year. 

If you are an MPS or MA/MBA student, please contact your Student Success Counselor or email to discuss the procedure.
If you are a BFA, MFA, or MA student, please contact Enrollment Services at to discuss the procedure.