Campus Safety

Awareness & Prevention

The Department of Campus Safety informs the campus community about crime awareness and safety. When we receive a report about crime that may have an impact on the College community, a "Security Advisory Report" with information about the specific crime and tips on avoiding similar crimes is distributed to the College community via broadcast email.

The effectiveness of any security program depends on the degree of cooperation and support it receives from those it is designed to protect. Your role in preventing crime is to keep yourself, your apartment, your car, your classroom, and your office safe by incorporating safe behavior into your daily routine.

During New Student Orientation, Campus Safety offers a crime-prevention presentation to develop crime-prevention awareness and distributes educational crime-prevention and awareness materials. Discussions on crime-prevention are held throughout the year and are open to all members of the community.

Certified staff instructors teach progressive co-ed and gender-specific self-defense classes, specifically designed to address the different situations and issues facing today's men and women. R.A.D. Systems Physical Defense for Women is offered at least once during the academic year.

There is no perfect way to protect yourself, but there are some simple things you can do to minimize your risk of being a victim of crime. Use the links at left to find basic safety tips that can help you stay safe.