When you graduate from your program, MICA helps you pursue your purpose.

How might MICA accelerate students along the paths of their lives and careers?



Launch is a set of experiences that equip students with mindsets, toolsets, skill sets and resources to ensure ongoing success in their lives as artists, designers, illustrators, filmmakers, curators, and teachers. 

A collaboration between the Offices of graduate studies, career development and alumni relations, The program aims to enhance the value of graduate education at MICA to better prepare all graduates for their professional lives ensuring student success over the course of their professional lives, and extending the graduate community with alumni engagement throughout their careers.

The Office of Graduate Studies at Maryland Institute College of Art, in conjunction with regional and national partners, offers competitive fellowships, awards and residencies to graduating candidates.

This inventory of exhibitions, awards, residencies, fellowships and experiences is meant to give examples of the kinds of professional and creative opportunities available at MICA. It is by no means exhaustive nor is it a guarantee of future programming. The Office of Graduate Studies works in partnership with the Offices of Alumni Relations, Advancement and Career Development to update the list of currently available LAUNCH opportunities each year.