Art Education 5-Year (B.F.A./M.A.T.)

B.F.A./M.A.T. Application Process

During the student’s final semester of the B.F.A. program, she/he will make a formal application to the graduate level of the program. At the end of Internship I during senior year, students have a final review that serves as their interview for graduate school. Provisional acceptance is not final until the MAT faculty decides to admit the student to the graduate level of the program.

Entrance requirements to the M.A.T. graduate program for B.F.A./M.A.T students are as follows:

  • Completed undergraduate degree in studio art from MICA
  • Minimum of 30 credits in studio and 9 credits in art history/criticism
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA, and a B or better in all required art education courses taken in the undergraduate program
  • Overall passing score on the Praxis I Teacher Examination
  • Personal statement
  • Portfolio of studio work
  • Personal interview with an undergraduate chair and/or faculty
  • Criminal background check: BFA/MAT students must pass a criminal background check prior to the beginning of their fifth year, before they can take ED 5308 Teaching Internship II.

Each semester graduate students have a departmental review with the Art Education faculty. This review is used to evaluate and advise students on their progress. Students given a satisfactory rating by faculty may continue with their program of study. If progress is not satisfactory, faculty has the right to deny the student’s continuation in the program and subsequent enrollment in art education courses.

The art education coursework for the M.A.T. graduate program begins in the fall. A program plan developed with the graduate director of Art Education sets forth the sequence of courses for each student. A minimum of 35 credits is required for the degree. Many art education courses involve travel to sites in the schools and local museums, and student teaching involves daily travel to school placements, many within neighboring counties.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from these off-campus sites, and graduate students should make arrangements to have use of a car for use during the fifth year of the program.