Dr. Forrest Hall, a physicist, currently teaches Climatology and Astronomy at MICA and at Johns Hopkins University’s Odyssey program.

He is located at NASA’S Goddard Space Flight Center in the GSFC/UMBC Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology. Dr. Hall has been active since 1980 in global change research using earth-observing satellites and models to monitor human-induced and natural changes to the earth’s land ecosystems and the effects those changes have had on the earth’s climate. He has authored more than 60 scientific papers on satellite monitoring of the global carbon cycle and climate change, many highly cited. Dr. Hall is a regular lecturer, both nationally and internationally. He has addressed a broad range of audiences on climate science: middle and high schools, universities, women’s groups, state and national congressional representatives, religious organizations, and scientific meetings. Dr. Hall has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, and an MS and PhD in Physics from the University of Houston.