Born in New Zealand and raised in the United States, England and New Zealand, Hugh Pocock's work seeks as a location the points of transaction between culture and natural phenomena.

The confluence of labor, machinery, civic/institutional infrastructure and natural resources, such as water, air, dirt, wind, bring to the surface that which, in its abundance, tends to become invisible to us. The history and metaphor of the human relationship to natural resources, space, time, consumerism, art and language are among the issues Pocock investigates in his sculptures, installations and videos.

Over the past decade, he has shown his work across the United States, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Antonio as well as internationally in the former Soviet Union, Germany and China. He has shown in galleries and museums as well as in "non-art sites" such as private homes and movie theatres. His most recent project Drilling A Well For Water was realized at Portikus Museum in Frankfurt, Germany and the Baltimore Museum of Art. Hugh received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and then completed his MFA at UCLA in New Genres. He is now living and working in Baltimore and teaching Sculpture, Installation, Performance and Video at Maryland Institute College of Art.