Majors & Minors (Undergraduate)

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

Liberal Arts at MICA is a vibrant teaching, research and learning community which interacts with all undergraduate and many graduate students.

There are two departments within Liberal Arts: Humanistic Studies and Art History. Students will take required courses in their first semesters from both departments and then choose electives as they progress through MICA's core Liberal Arts Curriculum. 

For more information, refer to the Art History core curriculum page or the Humanistic Studies core curriculum page

Additionally, students may choose to major in Art History or Studio + Humanistic Studies.  

An Art History or Humanistic Studies minor is possible as well in addition to a Studio major. For more information, refer to the Art History minor page or the Humanistic Studies minors pages to find out more about the five specializations available.

Advising Resources

Design Your Future, Wisely

The Academic Advising office is dedicated to working with all undergraduate students through the delivery of advising, mentoring and enrollment services. We are under the auspices of Enrollment Services and collaborate with the Student Services Center. We are here to help you navigate your education, and plan your future.