Humanistic Studies

Fine Art Studies (FA)

Fine Art Studies courses have the prefix of FA and are offered through the Humanistic Studies department

FA 498 Senior Thesis I

Seniors are given assistance in developing personal directions as artists. Work is independent, either at home or in a designated studio. The senior independent or thesis program offers qualified students an opportunity to work on a continuing series of projects of their own choice in studio spaces provided in campus buildings. Requirements: at least three individual critiques with a participating instructor, a final critique with a visiting artist, and a midterm review by a panel of the program’s instructors. In addition to the regular individual and class critiques in each student’s studio art courses, progress is evaluated by visiting artists, critics, writers, philosophers, and filmmakers, and by various faculty members from different departments, with reviews of student work twice each semester.

Senior level Drawing, General Fine Arts, or Painting majors only

FA 499 Senior Thesis II

A continuation of FA 498 into a consecutive second semester.

Prerequisite: FA 498