Undergraduate Minors

Global & Intercultural Exchange Minor


Total credits required for a minor in Global & Intercultural Exchange: 15.0

The following minor plan is for students entering in the 2023-24 academic year.


Course #


The Global in Art History
     (normally offered in the spring)
AH 245 3.0
Communicating Across Cultures
     (normally offered in the fall)
SSCI 225 3.0
Liberal Arts Elective from approved list below 3.0
Liberal Arts Elective from approved list below 3.0
Liberal Arts Elective from approved list below 3.0

Approved Electives:
AH250: World Arch: Prehistory to 1855
AH301: Arts of China
AH302: Arts of Japan
AH305: American Mural Traditions
AH313: Modern/Contemporary Korean Art
AH315: Digital Media History & Theory
AH319: Art/Arch of Ancient Egypt
AH324: History of World Textiles
AH327: Oceanic Arts & Cultures
AH328: Landscape Architecture History
AH340: Islamic Art and Architecture
AH360: History of Africana Art
AH364: Contemporary Art/Global Context
AH375: Arts of Native America
AH380: Art & Architecture of Mesoamerica
AH403: 20th Century Latin American Art
AH423: Istanbul: Art and the City
AH429: Modern/Contemporary Chinese Art
AH439: Visualizing the Ottoman Empire
AH462: Seeing After Freedom
AH464: Contemporary Asia through Postcolonial
AH469: Archaeology & Social Justice
AH475: The World on Show
AH477 Geometric Abstraction Americas
ESJ 310 Intersectional/Environmental
HIST 246 Apocalypse in History and Literature
HMST 220 On Being Human
HMST 346 Introduction to Critical Muslim Studies
IHST 200 Ancient Cultures
IHST 203 Early History of Western Religions
IHST 209 Arab and Muslim Intellectual History
IHST 210 Mapping Empire 1500 - 1800
IHST 212 Before 1492 World Systems
IHST 228 Greeks and Persians
IHST 238 Mythology
IHST 248 Chinese Intellectual History
IHST 249 Utopia in Literature and History
IHST 265 Political Violence and Modernity
IHST 278 Revolutions
IHST 282 Voices: Women of the World
IHST 291 History of the Idea of Race
LIT 214 Literature of Empire
LIT 285 Modern Folklore
LIT 421 Women Writers of the Global South
NSCI 201 Reading Climate
NSCI 211 Fathoming Water
PHIL 329 Deep Ecology
RELG 270 History of Buddhism
RELG 396 Religion and American Consumerism
SSCI 223 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SSCI 251 Ethnographies of Neoliberalism
SSCI 275 Native American Studies
SSCI 323 Globalization and its Discontents

The two courses below can count toward the GIE minor if the course theme in a particular semester fits the program learning outcomes. The student must get permission from the AH Chair.
AH399: Special Topics in Art History
AH449: Modernity, Difference & Power

*Note: Course offerings change from semester to semester. Not all courses are offered each semester.


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