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Where Is Home? Trailer film still
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Where Is Home? Poster

I am from Washington, DC and the process of gentrification has personally affected my me and my family.  I have seen first hand how much the city has changed to the point where it is unrecognizable and how  it doesn’t feel like home any more.  Thinking about my experience, I was inspired to make this film because I want the voice of the residents who were born and raised in Washington, DC to be heard.  I want to bring attention to what this gentrification process is doing to the city and the culture that is being pushed out by new residents.  Seeing the place that I grew up in change right before my eyes is painful especially when I know, deep down, that the changes were not meant for people that look like me.  Be sure to scroll down to see the trailer of my film.


Filmmaking (MFA) Students