Zoe Linn Jarvis

A 2015 graduate, Zoe Linn Jarvis has a thriving career as an exhibiting artist with a large-scale solo show opening in Washington, DC in 2017.

Zoe Linn Jarvis ’15 (Painting B.F.A.) is helping dispel the myth of the starving artist. A recent graduate, Jarvis has a thriving practice as an exhibiting artist.

Jarvis’s large-scale, colored pencil drawings are stunning and have earned her numerous private commissions. When discussing the inspiration behind her work, she explained,

Growing up, flowers bloomed wild and untamed in the pastures at my family’s farm and in my mother’s garden. Eighteen years later, at my father’s funeral, flowers became a symbol of love and memorial. Flowers represent nature’s beauty, memory, and love.”

She went on to say, “Nature is a source of solace and a reminder of individual strength. My drawings present nature in the form of abundant flower blooms rendered exclusively in Prismacolor colored pencils and spread across large sheets of paper. Each drawing depicts only one kind of flower. The flowers are repeated in varying sizes and from differing vantage points until the myriad flowers begin to exist together.”

Her work has shown in solo exhibitions at Hillyer Art Space in Washington, D.C. , and in Falls Church, Va. and Mineral Point, Wi. In 2015, Jarvis took part in the InKAS 2nd Annual Art Exhibition at Ara Art Center, Insadong, in Seoul and at the Konwinner International Art Competition Exhibition at the Korean Embassy Cultural Center in Washington, D.C., where she earned her third prize.

Born in Seoul, Korea, Jarvis was adopted and raised in the U.S., and today she identifies as both an American and Korean. She is currently based out of Middleton, Wi., and also continues her pursuit of classical piano.