Room 307: Full-kitchen unit. Galley style common area with exposed beams. Big windows on three sides of apartment - great natural light. Windows facing Lafayette Street have historic wrought-iron casing!
A: 9'8" x 15'0, Murphy bed, Corner room with windows on John and facing entrance
B: 11'3" x 11'11", Murphy bed,
C: 10'1" x 15'3", Twin extra long beds, Corner room with three big windows

Room 309: Full kitchen apartment. Lots of windows overlooking landscaped entrance courtyard. Exposed beams in spacious living area.
A: 9'4" x 10'8", Full-size loft bed
B: 9'4" x 11'6", Full-size loft bed
C: 9'8" x 11'6", Full-size loft bed

Room 310: Full kitchen apartment. Hall closet and exposed beams in galley common area. Big windows overlooking landscaped center courtyard.
A: 11'4" X 10'9", Murphy bed
B: 9'3" X 11'6", Murphy bed
C: 11'1" x 15'5", Murphy bed, Two windows on courtyard area
Room 311: Full kitchen apartment. Lots of corners and exposed beams in unique living area. Windows overlooking landscaped entrance courtyard.
A: 11'9" x 12'4", Murphy bed
B: 11'10" x 11'10", Full-size loft bed
C: 10'5" x 11'10", Full-size loft bed
Room 316: Full kitchen apartment - unique kitchen nook. Unique window in bathroom. Windows on Brevard Alley.
A: 9'3" x 10'9", Murphy bed
B: 10'2" X 10'11", Full-size loft bed
C: 10'3" x 14'6", Twin extra long bed
Room 321: Full kitchen apartment. Big windows overlooking Brevard Alley.
A: 9'7" x 15'3", Murphy bed
B: 11'4" x 14'5", Murphy bed
C: 10'10" x 15'2", Murphy bed