Illustration and logo for Akasha: A Bird’s Calling
Akasha: A Bird's Calling 2020 Games
A Bird's Calling 2020 Games
Loading Screen that shows the controller and the controls for each button. Photoshopped.
Crimson Skies Redux Loading Screen 2020 Game
A 1930s themed upgrade page with interactable buttons and and plane illustration. Illustration and Photoshopped.
Crimson Skies Redux Upgrade Page 2020 2D Digital
Card design with irregular edges and ornate designs, an image and description sit in the center. Illustration.
Noble Beasts - Card Design 2019 2D Digital
A legless dragon-like flying beast. Illustration.
Noble Beasts - Creature Concept 2019 2D Digital
Beast with rider fly across an expansive land with a large head emerging in the distance. Illustration.
Noble Beasts - Promotional art Concept 2019 2D Digital
A lively city with ornate buildings and flying creatures with riders. Illustration.
Noble Beasts - Environment Concept 2019 2D Digital
Screenshot from the game, featuring floating temples and suspended bridges.
Sonance 2019 Games

My passion lies in the visual development and design of video games. It is a uniquely interactive medium that I love exploring, be it through illustration and world building or designing a gameplay experience. My love for art and game design has also fostered my interest in user interface for games, as it feels like a natural meeting point for illustration and design. In my work I fuse my knowledge and love of both illustration and game design to create visually appealing worlds and functioning UI to enhance the experience of gameplay.

Akasha: A Bird's Calling was created by Jessica Piszczek, Maddie Hand, Min Young Lee and be downloaded at: