Wood Shop

Wood Shop Policies


If your project requires cuts made on the table saw, the Wood Shop Manager or Technician can do these for you. Table Saw cuts are the only custom cut service provided by the Fox Wood Shop. 

Please email ahead of time to schedule a time to makes your cuts with the following information: 

1. Class your project is for

2. Material to be cut (Ex. 3/4 ply, luan, poplar, etc.) 

3. Cut List***

*** Please know the measurements you need before arriving. Drawing lines on your material is not a reliable method for providing us measurements. If drawing the lines helps you determine measurements that is perfectly fine, but for the purposes of the service, a cut list is the best way to ensure accuracy. 

Examples of Cut Lists: 

2 @ 12" x 18"  (3/4 ply)

1 @  1 ft. x 2 ft. (1/4 luan)

4 @ 3 in. x 14.5 in.  (pine) 

Please Note: If you arrive without contacting the shop first, you may be turned away. Walk-ins will only be taken at the discretion of on duty staff.