Social Media Policy

People are talking about MICA, even when we aren’t. People are looking for what we offer whether we promote ourselves or not. If we’re not part of the conversation, then the rumor mill is telling our story. Let’s make sure we get the story straight. Our social media policy is here to help

MICA’s social media policy helps contributors use social media platforms appropriately when managing or developing social media accounts and initiatives on behalf of the College. MICA expects everyone participating in social media on behalf of the College to follow these policies. These policies will continue to evolve as social media evolves. 

These policies and guidelines are intended to complement existing MICA policy. If there is a conflict between guidance in this document and a policy in the Employee Handbook, then the Handbook supersedes. 

Please note: This document is not designed to provide specific boundaries around planning, content, measurement, etc. which MICA’s Social Media Toolkit can support.