Office of Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies Team

Learn about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you navigate the Graduate Programs at MICA.

Who We Are

Stacey Salazar

Stacey Salazar, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

Stacey serves as the educational and administrative leader for all graduate programs, and is the principle spokesperson for Graduate Studies within MICA, as well as with external partners and communities. She oversees the operations of the division including all directors, faculty, programs, administrative staff, and associated budgets, and participates in planning for programs, space, equipment, and technology. In addition, Stacey works with faculty to steward new approaches to curriculum and pedagogy reflective of the student body, social justice, and multifaceted ways of learning; supports faculty with assessment of student learning. With the Graduate Enrollment Advisor and Associate Dean, Stacey works to address students issues as they arise.
Erin Jakowski

Erin Jakowski, Associate Dean

Erin oversees graduate co-curricular activities and programming, manages the MICA Grad Show season and design, and Graduate Competitive Fellowships and Residencies. Erin is the office point person for student leave of absence and readmission, and supports the work of the Vice Provost to address student concerns as they arise. Erin also supports the planning of MICA’s Mixed Media series which engages groundbreaking artists, designers, educators, activists in dialogue with the MICA community and the many communities of Baltimore.
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LaShay Harvey, Interim Associate Dean for Student Learning and Research Creation

LaShay provides support for curricular, pedagogical and research activities of students within Graduate Studies. She supports student development of their program thesis and capstone projects. She also advises students on courses resources and opportunities that may contribute to that work.
Manager of Academic Operations

Sarah Hammond, Manager of Academic Operations

Sarah manages operations, budgets, and facilities for academic programs in Graduates Studies, serving as the primary liaison for the department with Finance and Human Resources and coordinating relevant projects and activities with these areas. She also manages the Graduate Program Assistant (GPA) program and contributes to the planning and support of multiple graduate events and programs throughout the year.
Andrew Lundholm

Drew Lundholm, Assistant Director

Drew coordinates Graduate Research Development Grants, Leslie King-Hammond Fellowship Awards, faculty contracts, course schedule building, graduate elective faculty support and organizes graduate faculty housing.
Elle Jones

Elle Jones, Office Manager

Elle coordinates graduate newsletter submissions/publication, manages the Vice Provost’s calendar, supports graduate studies finance operations, supports graduate staff and faculty searches, schedules meetings with graduate office staff and graduate directors, assists with commencement and orientation communications, collects syllabi, performs updates to the website, and designs items for all graduate newsletters as well as the office.
Malvina D'Alterio

Malvina D'Alterio, Operations Coordinator

Malvina is the primary contact for emergent facilities concerns and helps plan ongoing maintenance and construction projects for graduate program spaces and Lazarus Center. She manages the studio turnover cycle for all graduate programs, and supports the Manager of Academic operations with various operations-based projects, including the capital request cycle. Malvina also coordinates program budgets and financial paperwork for the MA Teaching, MFA Community Arts, Rinehart School of Sculpture, MFA Illustration Practice, and MA Illustration programs.

Oli Brann, Graduate Program Coordinator

Oli contributes to Graduate Studies co-curricular initiatives, including graduate student orientation, graduate program exhibitions, and graduate program-related events; and provides support to directors in Photography, Media & Society, MFA, Hoffberger School of Painting, MFA, Studio Art (Summer Low residency), and Curatorial Practice, MFA programs.
Maren Henson

Maren Henson, Program Coordinator

Maren works part time as the first point of contact for Mt. Royal School of Art.