Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing

Returning Student Housing



  • Find the New Housing Application Here!

  • Applications are due by March 15th!!! Applications received after Sunday, March 15th will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Room Selection:

Welcome to the Housing Sign Up process at MICA! Thank you for applying to live on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year.  We truly appreciate your patience and understanding given the current circumstances. The Housing Sign Up process is hosted online allowing students to sign up from anywhere! 

Timeline Overview

5/21 - Sign Up Day for Rising Seniors 

5/22 - Sign Up Day for Rising Juniors 

5/25 - Sign Up Day for Rising Sophomores 

5/26 - Manual assignment for students on the waitlist begins and continues all summer

How it works: 

Housing Application Completed: At this point, your housing application is complete with your profile, lifestyle preferences and signed housing agreement. Only students who completed their housing application by March 15th are eligible to participate in the sign up process. All other students will be placed on the waitlist. 

1. Create Your Group: Create your group in the sign up system in advance of your sign up day. Students will select apartments as a group and must fill the entire apartment (For example, a 2 person group cannot sign up for a 3 person apartment). 

  • The person with the earliest date and time slot in your group can sign up the other group members. 
  • Students who did not create a group will be assigned by the Residence Life office at a later date. 

2. Mark Your Calendar: Time slots will be randomly generated for each academic class and provided to each student via email. Please note that all the time slots are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). 

3. Time Slots: Each time slot will have 15 minutes to choose an apartment before the next time slot begins. 

  • Example - 10 folks will be assigned the 10 AM time slot. The next 10 folks will be assigned the 10:15 am time slot. 
  • Students can sign up at any time after their time slot has begun.  
  • Your time slot will be sent to you via email at a later date. Please review all email accounts you have provided to MICA. Additionally, your time slot can be found in your Housing Application Portal.  

4. Research Desired Apartments: Upperclass students can choose an apartment in The Gateway, Leake Hall or Meyerhoff House. Only available rooms that have not yet been chosen will show at the time of your time slot. 

  • All bedrooms are single rooms for social distancing purposes. Double occupancy bedrooms will not be available. Room layout information on the web may be inaccurate. 
  • Students can log in to the portal up to 3 hours in advance of their designated time slot to review what is still available. Student groups should have a minimum of 10 options in mind in case the apartment you desire is no longer available.
  • If there is not an apartment that fits your group’s criteria (i.e., A four person apartment is no longer available for your four person group) the group may need to decide who volunteers to opt out of the group or break up the group into multiple apartments. Have this conversation in advance of the group’s designated sign up day.  

5. Choose your Apartment: On the date and time assigned to you, log in to the housing sign up portal and sign up your group for an apartment.  

6. Assign Your Group: Only 1 person will need to be logged in to place everyone into their assignment.

  • This example applies to each group that has several different time slots represented by the group members. The person with the earliest date and time slot should sign up the entire group. 
  • Each group member will need to be assigned to individual bedrooms. Identify in advance which person will be assigned to each bedroom (A, B, C, D) for any given apartment. 
  • Example - Person A is a senior. Person A has 3 apartment-mates they would like to live with. Since person A is a senior they will be able to assign each of their apartment-mates regardless of the time slot apartment-mates have been given (even apartment-mates that have a different academic standing). 

Follow Up Questions: 

If you experience difficulties during sign up day please contact This email will be monitored from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. 

Helpful Resource Links:

Waitlist Information 

  • Students that missed the housing application deadline of March 15th will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist will be in order based on the date you completed your application. Students that missed the application deadline are not eligible to join apartment mate groups for the sign up process.