Student Resources

First Generation Students

As a first generation college student, or a student who is first in their immediate family to attend college, we welcome you to MICA! We are thrilled that you have chosen to become a part of the MICA community and look forward to learning about you, and what makes you passionate in your art.

Nearly 10% of undergraduate students who attend MICA identify as first generation, coming from many different cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic, and familial backgrounds. This means that the first generation students at MICA may experience different challenges during their transition into college, and need different support and resources.In order to help you acclimate to college life and learn about the MICA community we have gathered some important information from all areas of campus life to help get you started. If you still have questions, or can’t find the information that you are looking for, you can visit the offices home website, or reach out to any of the resources on this page and they will be happy to guide you in the right direction. 

In addition to the many first gen students who attend MICA, we are lucky to employ many faculty and staff who share the experience of having been the first in their family to attend college. You can look for signs on office doors to identify those resources who will be happy to answer your questions. 

We also look forward to November 8th when we join other colleges and universities across the country in celebrating National First Gen Day


Navigating the MICA Community

This section will provide you information about key offices around the MICA campus that can assist you with the day to day activities of being a MICA student. They include items like housing, academic advising, and finances.

Campus Support Resources

Here at MICA we want all students to know that they are a vital part of the community with much to contribute as artists and individuals. Our hope is that all students have positive experiences that will support them in the creation of their work. However, we understand that sometimes things happen that may make adjusting to college a stressful transition impacting academics, health, and wellness.

If you are struggling with being away from home, medical or mental health concerns, food insecurity or helping your parents understand life at MICA, please know there are several support options within the MICA community to assist you during this time.

Navigating Baltimore City

For some students coming to MICA may be their first experience with living in and navigating a city. In an effort to make that process as safe and easy to navigate as possible MICA offers shuttle services, on campus parking, and campus safety escorts.

Key Terms and Definitions

This page will provide definitions for key terms that you will encounter during your time at MICA. Many of them are used broadly at all colleges and universities, but some of them are MICA specific.