Graduate Tuition & Fees

Fall/Spring Programs

Tuition and fees must be paid to Student Account Services on the payment due date. Failure to meet the payment due date may result in cancellation of enrollment and registration and the imposition of a late fee.

Students and/or their families will be notified in writing each spring of the tuition rates for the coming academic year.

Tuition and Fees for Fall/Spring Graduate Programs

Tuition and Fees found here are for the following graduate programs:

Community Arts MFA Curatorial Practice MFA
Filmmaking MFA Graphic Design MFA
Graphic Design MA Illustration Practice MFA
Illustration MA LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting MFA
Mount Royal School of Art MFA Photography + Media & Society MFA
Rinehart School of Sculpture MFA Social Design MA
Teaching MAT  

2024-2025 Tuition for Above Programs:

Cost Breakdown Cost
Per Semester $27,375
Per Credit Hour $2,280
Academic year $54,750

* covers 12.0 to 19.5 credits—additional tuition charges apply when credits taken exceeds 19.5

Required Fees

Fee Cost
Student Life Fee (mandatory) $645/semester
Technology Fee (mandatory) $380/semester
Security Deposit (mandatory for all entering students) $150 one-time fee

Health Insurance

Students not covered under a health insurance plan are required to participate in MICA's health insurance program.

Cost Breakdown Cost
Academic Year Coverage (August - July) $2,086
Spring Semester only Coverage (Jan - July) $1,285
Summer Grad Program (June - July) $488


Deposit Amount
Graduate Admission Deposit (non-refundable, applied to tuition) $500

Optional Fees

Annual Parking Permits

Item Cost
Non-resident "General" Student Parking Permit $120 per year, $60 per semester
"Resident" Parking Permit $200 per year, $100 per semester

Meal Plans

Meal Plan Cost
200 Meal Plan (14 meals/week* with $75 Dining Dollars) $2,350/semester
150 Meal Plan (10 meals/week* with $125 Dining Dollars) $1,980/semester
100 Meal Plan (7 meals/week* with $135 Dining Dollars) $1,575/semester
75 Meal Plan (5 meals/week* with $80 Dining Dollars) $1,215/semester

* Approximately

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