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Ecosystems, Sustainability, & Justice (Major)

Art and Design are perhaps the oldest and most powerful tools to address social justice and environmental crisis.

And because artists are natural activists, they are among the leading voices confronting today’s greatest challenges.

The interdisciplinary Ecosystems, Sustainability, and Justice (ESJ) BFA at MICA will prepare you to address pressing global challenges through the lens of art, design, and creative practice. As an ESJ major, you will learn to bridge disciplinary boundaries and engage in collaboration and integrative thinking across fields through a curriculum that combines studio practice, theoretical exploration, research, and community engagement. These approaches will empower you to actively use your creativity to confront complex environmental and social issues to make a more just and sustainable world.

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MICA student Teagan Crawford-Greene and faculty member Hugh Pocock talk about the experiences of the Ecosystems, Sustainability, & Justice BFA program.


The ESJ major cultivates a community of artists and designers who are passionate about creating positive social and environmental change. In addition, the program’s focus on collaboration and engagement with diverse perspectives fosters a supportive and inclusive learning environment where you are encouraged to challenge norms, question power structures, and explore innovative solutions.

ESJ majors have the flexibility to explore a wide range of mediums and approaches, from traditional artistic practices to emerging technologies and socially engaged projects. This allows you to emerge from the program as a resourceful and versatile artist and adept collaborator prepared to make a meaningful impact in your community and beyond.

Through exhibitions, public events, partnerships with local organizations, and collaborations with faculty and visiting artists, the ESJ program extends its impact beyond the classroom—so that you can connect to the broader community throughout your time at MICA, and engage in meaningful work with individuals or organizations dedicated to environmental and social change.

As an ESJ major, you will undergo a transformative educational experience that will equip you with the tools, knowledge, and critical perspective needed to address pressing contemporary environmental and social challenges. You will emerge from the program prepared to pursue a variety of professional pathways as a creative leader committed to shaping a more sustainable, just, and inclusive future.


A focused yet flexible liberal arts education, rigorous training in design or fine arts, and expert program faculty prepares students for a wide range of creative professional careers that support purposeful and successful lives.

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The focus will be on how materials impact the environment and how their strategic use can help de-carbonize the built environment. A hands-on group project will build experimental structures that the class can observe over time and learn what net zero means! A workshop in digital fabrication techniques will be integrated into the semester’s program to enhance and complement the students’ hands-on skill set.

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