Alec Armstrong, PhD

Alec Armstrong received his PhD in Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences from the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. He received a BS in Environmental Science from The Ohio State University.

Alec is an ecologist and environmental scientist with teaching experience at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and the University of Maryland, College Park. His research has focused on streams and wetlands, including work on organic matter biogeochemistry and carbon cycling relevant to water policy and ecosystem restoration. He has also studied farm soils, forests, estuaries, and the ocean. Alec’s research and training emphasize field observations and laboratory experiments. He worked for the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center prior to joining MICA, developing educational materials and assisting the center’s director. Before turning to science he worked as dishwasher, cook, and farm laborer.

 His interest in ecology and environmental science and their relevance to social justice began with volunteer work on bioremediation and building healthy soil in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He has also contributed to efforts promoting education and writing in prisons, food justice, and urban gardening. Since 2019 he has volunteered as a tutor supporting college students inside Maryland prisons.