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PaperJam Intro Video
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PaperJam Music Zine, Poster, & Stickers 2021
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PaperJam Interviews 2021
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PaperJam Collage Poster 11 x 17 inches
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Backdrop Paint & canvas 8 x 12 ft
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PaperJam Package 2021

UNSTOPPABLE NOISE furthers the rich tradition of the DIY music community in Washington, DC. Made during COVID-19 pandemic, this project series provides a safe space for interpersonal connection and forming communal identity despite the barriers of social distancing. Projects include a COVID-safe outdoor benefit show supporting music lessons for the girl, trans, and non-binary youth in DC, and a DC music zine, containing interviews, artwork, articles, and resources to support the local DIY music scene. UNSTOPPABLE NOISE aims to support and document the passionate and talented individuals of a music community that is often overlooked. By doing this, we will help preserve this vibrant and historic DC subculture. 


Designer, drummer, & DC native, Elizabeth von Oehsen makes work to serve her community.