various items against a woodland backdrop
Forest Dwelling Triptych
a suit that is like a cactus
Cactus Man Mixed media 6'
person in nylon attached to a radiator
Interior Stretch 2018 11 x 14in
From the video Katabasis
Katabasis 2013 Video 38min 22sec
Emporia 2019 Acrylic medium and pigment print 101 1⁄2 in x 15 1⁄2 in

Locus amoenus, Locus terribilis is a multimedia group exhibition with works by five national and international artists based in Baltimore, Detroit, New York, and Seoul. The exhibition explores the transformation of the human body and psyche under various apocalyptic conditions, tracing the emergence of progression or degeneration in the endless cycle of birth, death, and re-birth. The physical exhibition is on view from June 4th at Maryland Art Place (MAP) in Baltimore.

Featuring Artists: Antonio McAfee, Cooper Holoweski, Dana Matthews, Seungkyung Oh, and Rebecca Ou

In light of the COVID-19 raging throughout the world, Ashley has created an online exhibition in response to the current situation. The online exhibition is on view from April 30.

For more information about both forms of exhibition, please visit